• I made a few new prints available in my store for some album art I did for the band Small Black

    This December, this 12x12 print will be available via the 33.3.3 show at G1988 Gallery in L.A. celebrating artists and their visions of their favorite records.

    Design by Jason Heatherly, theliondesign.com

  • Incubus | Morning View

    Very, very recently I thought it would be a good idea to listen to this record again. It’s always been a favorite of mine, but it’s also one that I listened to so frequently for about 10 years, that I needed to go extended periods of time without listening to it, to enjoy it. It had been long enough. 

    This album came out when I was 18 years old. I had just gotten a bass. This record, alongside Make Yourself & White Pony, solidified in my mind that I needed to play music. Easier said than done. Let’s try art school. A creative rennassiance followed where I learned more about myself than any time in my life. This record was a catalyst. 

    I’m 31 now. I listened to it with new ears, and a lifted mind. By Mexico, I had to turn it off. For some reason this listen, I felt the sadness in it. Having been infatuated with this band, I knew what they did, and where they were to make this record. But still, amongst the ocean, mansions, black lights & parties, there was an unavoidable sadness in Boyd that I never heard till now.

    I attribute it to growing up. When it came out, being emotional, and finding my emotions, was a new revelation. One that this record harmonized with perfectly for me. While I didn’t finish listening to it this time around, I knew where it was going. And despite feeling a little overwhelmed by the lyrics, I was still inspired. This is my attempt at a record cover for what ‘Morning View’ means to me now. Feeling stuck in one place seemingly unaware that just beyond the walls is everything you could possibly want. Something for each of us. Overwhelmed with opportunity, just not quite mature enough to know what to do with it.  The only way to get there, lies in the experience. 

    A new appreciation for this record and this timeless band. I have enjoyed growing up with you. 

  • Get Involved! | Silk Cuts

    Get Involved!, the new band featuring ex- members of Thursday, GlassJaw and From Autumn To Ashes is thrilled to announce the release of their upcoming EP, “Silk Cuts”. The EP was produced by the legendary Ross Robinson (At The Drive- In, The Cure) and will see worldwide digital release March 4th, 2013.

  • Small Black  |  Real People

    Over the last few years I have become a huge fan of this band. If you haven’t heard Small Black, listen to everything. Then, listen again.

    This December, this 12x12 print will be available via the 33.3.3 show at G1988 Gallery in L.A. celebrating artists and their visions of their favorite records.

    Design by Jason Heatherly, theliondesign.com

  • Redaction | Directed by Tim Sanger

    Tim just screened his first short film ‘Redaction’ yesterday at the Fantasia Film Festival. I was fortunate enough to lend a poster to his really interesting, and thought provoking film. Check out more about the film at redactionfilm.com

  • Hey Fam, just made these prints available here. Go buy tons of prints.

  • Deftones | White Pony

    White Pony is by far one of my favorite records. It’s a beautifully dark record that, without a doubt, shaped a great deal of my musical taste and inspiration to this day.

    This December, this 12x12 print will be available via the 33.3.3 show at G1988 Gallery in L.A. celebrating artists and their visions of their favorite records.

    Very excited for the show. 

    Design by Jason Heatherly, theliondesign.com

  • Gravity | Directed by Alfonso Cuarón

    greetings tumblr. It’s been awhile since we’ve spoke. I left the game for a minute. I’m a little late on the gravity kiss ass, but I am very pleased to bring you a new poster inspired by a very kiss ass worthy film. 

    If you’re interested, prints will be available very soon. shoot me a note so I can make sure you get one, if you want one. 

    artwork, design & illustration by Jason Heatherly, theliondesign.com

  • Beyond the Black Rainbow  |  Directed by Panos Cosmatos

    Prints available here.

    Artwork, Design & Illustration by Jason Heatherly, theliondesign.com

  • Alternativemovieposters.com has another great competition going on for a poster to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the groundbreaking indie film by Darren Aronofsky, Pi. 

    Artwork and design by Jason Heatherly, theliondesign.com

    *Update - A photo from the 15th Anniversary screening of Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Pi’ last week in London. Work from myself, and Micro Zett. Very cool.

    Thanks to alternativemovieposters.com for a great contest. See more here, and here.

  • This Calamity :: Honesty EP

    My friend across the pond is about to release the new EP from his band, This Calamity. It’s a stripped down, honest endeavor aptly named ‘Honesty.’ If you missed his previous EP, Animals, here is a sample of the work I did for that EP. Like them on facebook, or follow them on tumblr.

    Artwork and design by Jason Heatherly, theliondesign.com

  • For Creatives. By Creatives. Free high resolution webzine featuring the creative conquests of inspiring individuals from all over the world. Get Inspired.

    Re&Co was kind enough to make me a featured artist. Give them a visit & download the latest issue of Reincarnation & Co. If you missed the first issue from the spring, & the new issue just isn’t enough, it’s still available for download. Thanks to my good friend, the anonymous editor, for the support & continued inspiration. Look for the next issue this fall for more work from theliondesign.com & A. Aquarii. See ya conscious creatures.


  • A norwegian (and those who wish they were) and I partnered to create a new line of prints, canvas, tee’s and hoodies over at society6 called A Aquarii. It’s a collection of our vices, inspirations, memories and the little things we find beautiful. Here are a few we have available at the moment. Spread the word and get a shirt no one else has. So much more to come.

    Artwork and Design by Jason Heatherly, Jennifer Jennings, ©A Aquarii

    View more of Jennifer’s work, here.